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Denis Medri draws Star Wars as an 80’s high school movie

This is awesome.

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The Blue Girl by Sungown

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Orbit for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 5
(EMDR on Wikipedia)

Shapiro noted that, when she was experiencing a disturbing thought, her eyes were involuntarily moving rapidly. She noticed further that, when she brought her eye movements under voluntary control while thinking a traumatic thought, anxiety was reduced.”

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Project by Brian House and Kyle McDonald is a Raspberry-Pi-powered lightbulb attachment that can listen into nearby conversations (which are then posted onto Twitter) - video embedded below:

Conversnitch is a small device that automatically tweets overheard conversations, bridging the gap between (presumed) private physical space and public space online.

Information moves between spaces that might be physical or virtual, free or proprietary, illegal or playful, spoken or transcribed.

The Conversnitch Twitter feed can be found here

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Scientists say the means by which our planet’s moon began to sing its mournful aria remain unknown. Global commerce has slowed to a standstill as the celestial body, now entering its 77th hour of song, continues with what language experts claim is an intricate soliloquy of unconditional love and support.

"The song seems to inform the listener of the singer’s boundless warmth and affection," says Merve Arikan, researcher at the Innsbruck Linguistic Society. "It appears to have no established beginning or ending."

Siraj Oman, senior fellow at the NASA Lunar Science Institute, concurs. “It’s possible that the moon has been trying to communicate for millennia, and has only now alighted upon a method we can understand.”

World leaders, speaking from an undisclosed location, confirm the authorization of preemptive strikes.

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The American Reader:

I have a fun game/exercise that I play with my rhetoric classes. I pick a seemingly innocuous phrase that is (over-)used in mass media, then I ask the class to explain what it means. No matter what they say, I either pretend not to understand, or ask “no, but what does it mean?” The students think it’s frustrating, then funny, then, frustrating again. A favorite phrase for this game is “senseless violence.”
The point of the exercise is to examine some of the contradictions or confusion we use in everyday language. I feel this way about the phrase “faith in humanity,” and especially “restore [my/your/anyone’s] faith in humanity.” What is humanity, what does it mean to have faith in it, and why does the faith need to be restored? I assume that humanity means something close to “the goodness of human nature,” and not “the essential or unifying nature of personhood,” but I’m really not sure. At the very least the repeated recycling of this phrase should serve as a reminder of the Sisyphean task of restoring faith in humanity, whatever it may mean. Humanity is always already in doubt; our faith must endlessly be restored.

This exercise is one of our most potent writing tools for Cards Against Humanity, dissecting mass-media is a goldmine for us.

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Coincidentally, as part of a discussion elsewhere I have the wiki page on Breaching Experiments open in another tab which fits this pretty precisely.

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The Internet takes over the World


Old Skool Hacker Toolz

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Calgary Expo: 24th-27th (I.e. This weekend)


I’ll be there.

Obviously short notice, but really looking forward to seeing anyone who’s there. I haven’t actually done a Canadian con before, so this is doubly exciting. I’ll primarily be at the Avatar booth, so do come by and say hello and/or buy fine comic product. If I’m not there, I’m sure there will be details of where I am about.

More details of the con here.

Yes, Karen Gillan’s going, so there’s the potential for one of us killing the other one and CLAIMING THE NAME ONCE AND FOR ALL.

I’m not gonna not reblog a calgary-related comics story, eh? 

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